Rubén TF

About me

Rubén T.F. (Badajoz, Spain. 1992)

With a curious and restless attitude since childhood, he was fascinated by  photography, leading him to experiment with touch-up and editing software in adolescence. This fascination with the world of photography led him to University of Extremadura, where he began the Degree in Audiovisual Communication. In this new stage he discovered the world of photography, being enchanted with its nature, which led him to practise and learn self-taught. Later, he took a course in basic photography in college, where he received knowledge in developing and printing. It was at this time that he adopted a passion for analog cameras and photographs reel, further researching on developing and acquiring new machines and knowledge. 

It was in the year in which he lived in Lisbon, doing an Erasmus, where his artistic vision of photography was accentuated. Changing his previous photographic style to a more conceptual, urban and edgy. In his pictures it can be seeing a detailed view showing urban and conceptual scenes wrapped in a soft atmosphere, whose portrayed characters are wrapped in anonymity. Technically it is characterized by the combined use of both analog and digital photography, playing with the different shots of the image and its depth of field, framed usually in medium focal distance.

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